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The 5th season starts with the slogan Ischa Freimaak, it’s free-fair. The fun begins on the 16th of Oct. and continues for 17 days. On the Bremer Bürgerweide its action, speed and party. On the market square its back to the Middle Ages with old-fashioned carousels, handicrafts, sweets, spicy liquorice, smoked eel and other culinary delights.The Bremer Freimarkt is rightfully called the Carnival of the North and during the 17 days there is no closing time for pubs! Light cascades, thrills on high-tech fairground rides, smoked eels, traditional handicrafts and merry-go-round, BBQ steaks and sausages, cotton candy, the list of attractions and fun options is endless.100,000 square meter action on the Bremer Freimarkt, BürgerweideSince many years now Bremen’s Fairground Festival is held on the right side of the River Weser, next to the main train station on the Bürgerweide. Around 4 million visitors join in the festivities each year in the second half of October and discover that the cool north can get in fact quite hot. What once started as a free market fair became in fact one of the biggest Fairground Festivals in all of Germany. The typical Bremer citizens love their sometimes drizzling weather condition around this time and insist that its part of the whole fair. Counter measures are taken by a hot and steamy drink called stiff grog and a yummy BBQ sausage. 320 fairground attractions, with some of them being truly state-of-the-art and not for the fainthearted, await their happy customers and the action never stops.Bremer Freimarkt is the oldest fair in GermanyOn the 16th of October 1035 Emperor Conrad II granted Archbishop Bezelkin the right to stage a fair. That was the beginning of the oldest German Fairground Festival. In 1404 the Roland-Statue, Bremen’s protector for market rights and freedom was erected. In 1793 Franz II was the last German Emperor who granted the Bremen merchants the right for the Freimarkt – as of this time, they decided themselves when they wanted to celebrate! With the Age of Enlightenment, which freed life and customs of traditional formality, and the introduction of the first carousels and swings around 1800, the market transformed into an entertainment fair. From 1860 the market developed further on account of technology such as illumination. In 1862 oil lamps were replaced by petroleum lamps, these then by gas lamps as of 1880, and four years later by electric lamps. In 1936 the Freimarkt, which had taken place at differing locations got a fixed location in the heart of Bremen on the Bürgerweide, where it is still held today.Reminder of the Middle Ages is the Kleine Freimarkt, Little Free-Fair, on the market squareNumerous attractions, old-fashioned carousels such as the merry-go-round, and original handicrafts are offered on the market square between the majestic city hall and the Church of Our Lady. Illuminations turn this place into a dreamworld where you can watch blacksmiths, glass blowers and stonemasons show off their handicraft skills over open fires, bargain with merchants or sample some of their fresh prepared foods and sweets.On the 24th of October it’s time for the Carneval processionCan it get any more colorful than this? On this day around 200,000 spectators and revelers are expected in Bremen to witness or join in the Carneval procession which will lead over the River Weser, through the city center to the Freimarkt on the Bürgerweide. Everything goes and the musical entertainment will include sultry samba rhythms, heavy techno beats and traditional brass band music. Around 150 participating groups with their phantasy parade floats or traditional displays, all dressed in colorful costumes, will participate in this unique procession and even throw sweets and candy canes into the crowds. What a chance to learn something about the typical north German culture and hospitality. Enjoy the 5th season in Bremen between the 16th of October and the 1th of November 2009.This is an example of what you can do in Bremen while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Bremen we compiled a more comprehensive Bremen travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.