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Top 5 Travel Tips For Guys Visiting Their Filipina Girlfriend – Travel tips

At last! You are going to meet her in person. I’m sure you can’t wait to finally see your girl. But before you say that you’re ready for your upcoming flight, check out these 5 effective tips that will make your travel pleasant.1. Be sure you won’t leave anything unsettled.Traveling to Philippines is not like going to a city next to you. You won’t be able to get back for a few minutes to your place once you realize that something must be arranged under your supervision or presence. Certainly, you won’t want to have a shorter time spent with your girlfriend.2. Check your stuff.Philippines is a tropical country. You should know that. Everyone does. Inspect the kinds of clothes that you put in your bags. Cotton clothes are the best to bring.3. Be Practical.IF YOU NEED IT AND YOU HAVE IT, BRING IT. Surely, you can buy anything you need in any country. But if you already have it there, why not bring it? In your stay in the Philippines, what you are going to use for your expenses is your savings.4. Say no to travel sickness.You can avoid travel sickness by not eating too much. Do not drink any alcohol as well. Taking medicine that could prevent travel sickness could be a big help. Have enough sleep the night or the day before your flight. Stay fresh.5. Forget and do not forget.Forget to bring all the problems that could keep you from enjoying the time you would spend with your Filipina girlfriend. But do not forget to bring with you a bunch of kisses, a bag of hugs and a box of smile and laughter.